Nayana Chemical Co. established in Seoul, Korea
Eraser for an artist Tombow entered the market
Open a new office along with a new factory
Professional eraser Moo entered the market
N.C.T.C. established in Seoul, Korea
Aluminum dessin easel(NS-Ⅰ, NS-Ⅱ) entered the market
Eraser for general office use Clero entered the market
Aluminum studio easel(NS-Ⅲ, J-Ⅰ, CB-Ⅱ)entered the market
Aluminum atelier easel(CB-G) entered the market
Wooden dessin easel(SW-Ⅰ, SW-Ⅱ, F-Ⅰ, YL-Ⅰ, YL-Ⅱ) entered the market
Wooden atelier easel(CY-Ⅰ, CY-Ⅱ, CW-Ⅰ) entered the market
Built the second factory and a warehouse in Kyungkido, Korea
Aluminum outdoor easel(OS-Ⅰ) entered the market
Aluminum outdoor easel(OS-Ⅱ) entered the market
N.C.T.C.Inc. established in Los Angeles, CA
Wooden atelier easel(CT-Ⅰ, CT-Ⅱ, CW-Ⅱ, YJ-Ⅰ, YJ-Ⅱ)entered the market
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